World’s Largest Orchestra
World’s Largest Orchestra
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Tim, Tamás and the good looking


When we put the concept out to graze, Tim from Nu-Salt Lasers was the first to jump in with all the right ingredients - “let’s get started! “and “let’s make this bigger!” Since then, Tim has worked with Tamás to make sure the system works. Tamás found this immaculate looking professional conductor from Hungary, connected the sensors to his hands, lit up the lasers and Viola! It all happened! All three gentlemen are an integral part of the World’s Largest Orchestra and it’s great to be associated with them.

World’s Largest Orchestra is now an

official event on the Sydney Calendar

This is hugely good news for us. What it means is that we can now feel a part of what seems to have become the world’s benchmark when it comes to staging events. Damn! It feels good!
“If for one brief moment in time, we can convince ourselves that our individual differences only serve to make us more interesting to one another, then, in that same brief moment, we can enjoy true harmony.” Anon

The Worlds Largest Orchestra

Posted by World's Largest Orchestra on Monday, June 29, 2015